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In Pakistan, according to the report presented by the HRCP, a woman is being raped every two hours. The study also shows that about 70 to 90 percent of female are facing some type of domestic violence. This percentage is increasing day by day. There is no doubt in the fact that a rapist must be punished relentlessly. However, the punishment should also be given to the sellers, abusers, haters, and harassers of the women.

Along with the cases of rape, honor killing is also increasing in Pakistan. Retribution must also be given to the persons responsible for increasing this cheap and bigoted thinking. The sexual content must be removed from every website.

There is a need to make such policies that could help the women reporting these cases fearlessly. Confidence and support must be given to the girls so that they can stand against any kind of abuse they face. The government should take proper steps to stop the trends permeating in our society. It must also be taken into account that not every man is the same. However, one dirty fish spoils the whole pond.

Therefore, the immediate steps must be taken to stop this rapidly increasing abuse against women. Along with women, men should also raise their voices to protect their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

Don’t say anything if you are a female

Just wait till auction for your sale

Don’t stop the men from rape

Just face the abuse and hate

Don’t dare to file a case

Just seal your mouth with a tape

Don’t try to hide your grace

Just let the men praise

Don’t aim to fly from the cage

Just let the men remove your trace

Areesha Khan is a young writer, student and social activist. She blogs @ Areesha Khan Blog.


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