Where we stand in COVID19 war?

Where we stand in war against COVID19

My spouse exposed of a COVID positive family.

Today at Sahur, my mother was worried about a suspected sick child cried whole night near my home. My mother asked me to inquire about his health and I stopped her not to visit the house in such a situation when Corona is knocking our doors. I also requested everyone to follow the SOP’s we have jointly made for our family to get ready, to be careful and be serious to deal with COVID19 in case we get it positive.

In the afternoon, when my spouse was standing at a super store to buy some food items, she heard shop owner discussing Corona and exchanging words with another customer that “You have a COVID19 positive at your home why you came out and exposing everyone”? He came out to get something he don’t have to cook at home; customer replied in a bit low tone. A medical team will come to take their samples and he is storing items to stay at home, as he knows authorities will not allow them to went out by tomorrow; he added.

When my spouse shared it with me, I feared of the whole story, straight away went to the super store she visited, confirmed the address of that customer and called the Police station.

In such a tense situation we may not be able to lighten back early. It is worst than we think and that has been indicated and analyzed by Senator Rehman Malik in his various articles in January and February 2020″.

I get a poor response from PS, “we have no orders to seal the house until now”; Police ASI replied in his professional tone. I was shivering as I know how dangerous it could be? I went to the Mosque and made an announcement to stay at home and also requested the family not to mess the whole area. I went to the house and dropped a letter from outside with some important contact numbers, an informative magazine, few masks, sanitizer, an herbal Medicine and password of a nearby WIFI they can use during the period. I did what I think I supposed to do but I am feared of authorities’ intention towards this issue. Being a nation how dangerous we are and how we are safe even after living in such a way? I think Allah has protected us with his greatness otherwise we are super failed, hard minded and bloody heroes of this world. We have 26,500 confirmed positive cases out of whole 3.85 Million in the world and shares 600+ deaths out of global 270K due to COVID19.

Where we stand in COVID19 war?

By today, we are calling ourselves a nation with strong immune system and we are touching the heights of extremism by poor planning and by taking a global epidemic so lightly. Lockdown was the need of time but we handled it un professionally, Our Prime Minister said that we cannot lock down the whole country otherwise the economy will be destroyed and the poor will starve to death.

Now, I am utmost sure that we have destroyed our economy, we are out of budget, we don’t  have anything to save our poor from hunger, our health professional are dying due to lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), we have less than 3 billion in our COVID donation fund and now we are going to lose our population and on a fast track where COVID is affecting us like a sand storm destroy temporary shelters in desert.

It is much needed and maybe a chance for us to control and stabilize the situation by enforcing strict lock down for a period like we have seen in Wuhan but it looks difficult as our federal and Provincial Governments (specially Sindh) is not on same page working on self-made SOP’s that are very dangerous for the whole country. Federal and Punjab announced to lift the lock down they enforced for the last 30 days.

In such a tense situation we may not be able to lighten back early. It is worst than we think and that has been indicated and analyzed by Senator Rehman Malik in his various articles in January and February 2020. It is a challenge for the Federal Government to shake hand with opposition specially with (PPP) that rules in Sindh, stop claiming achievements and rather than advertising the “Rashun” distribution schemes they should invest on health facilities. Nation will never let him to go if the PM takes measures to save 220 Million in the U-turn of this epidemic.

Abdul Sami Baqsouie is a writer, Social Media activist and a Journalist. His favorite quote is “I don’t have fear to call spade a spade”. His story “Change is the only thing that is permanent in life” was first published in NY Times magazine 2016. He spoken extensively on geopolitical issues at different platforms.


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