Trump resumed military training of Pakistan army

Trump resumed military training of Pakistan army

Washington: The US President Trump has approved and resumed the military training of Pakistani forces. US State Department confirmed

The announcement was made just after the US attack near Baghdad airport in which Iranian General Qassim was the target. however, US State Department has clearly mentioned in his tweet that Trump Government has decided to resume the process and decision have been made to strengthen the cooperation between both countries.

The US Secretary of State Mark Pompeo has categorically refused the mis-conception of establishing any relation with US Iran war atmosphere and said that he has spoken with COAS General Qamar Bajwa about the US attack on Iranian General which US did in its self defence. Read More ——

Since US killed Gen. Qassim Midle East is under the shadow of another war and Iran has placed its mizzile system at its border which is an alert for the US friends while US called it a defensive approach and said that US killed Qassim to save the Global peace.


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