The root cause of the Kashmir conflict is the seperation of Muslims: Pir Ajmal

The root cause of the Kashmir conflict is the seperation of Muslims
The root cause of the Kashmir conflict is the seperation of Muslims

Muzaffarabad: Notable religious scholar and Founder Movement Reform Society of Pakistan Allama Pir Mohammad Ajmal Raza Qadri Rizvi has said that we will have to adopt the way of truth that has been shown by the Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

He expressed these views during the 16th Annual Grand Naat and Tajdar e Khatm e Nubbuwat conference which was arranged by Central Association of Muhiban Mustafa-e Azad Kashmir.

During his address, he emphasized to follow the obligations and show unity on issues like Kashmir rather than playing politics. He said that, the nations are destroyed in the same way we are following now. The business of the liar does not work and we are the followers of a prophet who have never lied. Simplicity and humility are disappearing in society. Scholars are losing public confidence, while to remain silent at the cruetly is a great offense.

Notable public figure including famous religious scholar Hazrat Alhaj Mian Muhammad Shafi Jhagavi and former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, Member Kashmir Council Mukhtar Abbasi, Sardar Mubarak Haider, Qazi Muhammad Israel, Raja Saqib Majeed, Sardar Tahir Tabassam, Raja Shahid Latif Khan, Raja Mazhar Qayyum, Pir Niaz Gilani, Qari Muhammad Ashraf, Allama Waqar Jalali, Allama, Hameeduddin Barkati, Sahibzada Abdul Majid Ishaqi, Allama Bashir Naqshbandi, Qari Zia al-Mustafi Munawar, Allama Jawad Hashmi, Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah, Abdul Rauf Nizami, Kashif Shahbaz, Sahibzada Kamran Qadri, Mian Abdul Qudas Ishaqi, Munir Ahmad Farooqi, Dr. Rustam Ali Khan, Kokub Saleem Chishti, Khawaja Ansar were present at the stage.

During the event, the guest speaker Pir Muhammad Ajmal Rizkadri Rizvi shared his views and said that we must have to focus & should think about ourselves, our home and our religion, if it would be happen, the Muslims of occupied Kashmir would never be in this condition. At the end of the ceremony, Elhaj Mian Muhammad Shafi Jahangwi prayed for the liberation of occupied Kashmir & Muslim Ummah.
The seperate arrangment was made for the Female and special food boxes were distributed amongst the participants.


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