The role of women & black sheep’s in the social industry.


Sardar Sami Baqsouie is a Human rights defender, writer and a Journalist. He worked for various International Organizations and spoken extensively on geopolitical issues at different platforms.

Women are an important pillar for the development of a country. There is a long history of women’s struggle in every path of life. They have not only managed their families but also assist their men in field’s and work places. Islam was the pioneer to introduced women rights & Prophet Muhammad quoted term “equality” for the genders & removed the women-phobolic curtains. We have celebrated women rights day on 08th March, seminars, conferences & congresses were organized by the women right organizations across the globe.

United Nation, UNESCO & many other relevant bodies have played a tremendous role to educate and to elaborate the women right laws internationally, but my question is still there why we need to talk on this subject if it was already clarified and quoted by Islam about 1400 years ago? Why our women have not been treated equally by adopting Islamic laws for women rights? Our women are forced to work in fields, they have been forced to work at home, they are facing sexual harassment at work place, despite being on merit; they are not getting equal opportunities.

There are 365 days in an year, but we have selected only one day to celebrate for women rights, the women issues are much more to address the solution and only one day is not enough to define the direction how to stop women rights violations. In Pakistan, last 02 decades were revolutionary in respect of spreading education regarding women rights & to stop women rights violations and credit to this success goes to human rights organizations working from Urban to Rural areas, Streets, Sectors, Districts & Provincial level in Pakistan. These organizations have forced the Government to take initiatives for the rights of women.

#StopMisusingWomen was famous leading tag on social media when we were celebrating women rights day which is showing the wave of civilized people reacting against the black sheep’s sitting in this industry

They have achieved many successes with the help of women elected members of Parliament and that is the reason we have a proper channel  and law which the women have started using to highlight their issues. Now, we have a proper Minister sitting in Federal capital to defend women rights, to make necessary arrangements & to take necessary action as mentioned in law.

Though, our women are facing issues but they are very talented, we have youngest fighter jet women pilot,  youngest Microsoft certified girl, we have youngest Nobel Prize winner “Malala Yousafzai”, we have first Asian women Prime Minister “Shaheed Benazir Bhutto” and there is a long list of women serving the state on higher ranks including Foreign Office & Defense.

This year, on National women day; I have attended and visited many conferences & seminars in the Federal Capital Islamabad. I was very happy to see that our women have started raising voice for their rights through united platforms, but I also experienced the negative approach being adopted by few of them. The useless play cards were presented in public gathering as instructed & advised by a special mindset to spread hate in the society and to use women rights day as a way of earning. What I have learnt from these conferences was the difference of idea & approach being adopted by dual mind to achieve a single goal.

Allah, who created us and gifted unlimited blessings including mind to think has blessed a complete religion to follow in every path of life. I have noticed that many play cards were reflecting a separate thought reversing the Islamism; it has not only damaged the image of human rights organization but also pushed back the views of general public about these organizations.

#StopMisusingWomen was famous leading tag on social media when were celebrating women rights day which is showing the wave of civilized people reacting against the black sheep’s sitting in this industry and the blackmailing being created at such forums. We should learn from Europeans, the way they used to celebrate the event was exceptional & appreciate able. Our Government must take serious action against such elements and our elected women must raise their voice through a proper resolution in the National assembly and provincial assemblies.



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