The reality of our society!!


We ourselves are thieves and want the rulers to be good. Yes, this is not a statement but our national reality. From ministers to black coats, from the personnel to landlords, and even from laborer to the general manager of a large organization, all of us are busy travelling in a deep sea and that is corruption.

If the veil will be removed from our social evil, four of the five adults will be involved in mini panama scandals. Helping poor in Europe is considered to be proud, whereas a person is considered powerful in our society who carries someone backwards. Where the sectarian scholar of a mosque using wrong words against another sect, to receive best wishes from listeners consider himself a great religious scholar, right there a gangster breaks the law on a busy road and killed a poor traffic police constable by hitting with his car and then on release, he was welcomed by people like the day of independence.

Above all, we are part of a society where a bloody man was showing victory marks in the presence of black coat lawyers when he got released like he is a lawmaker, and where the owner of more than a dozen offshore companies is asking his voters about his crime after being disqualified from prime minister’s office. The work of our national accountability institutions are in front of globe, their decisions are awful in the history. In the last case in which they were investigating about corruption the court issued orders to release the offender on bail as he was arrested by them without strong evidence.

The example of the humiliation of our society was the Lahore incident in which a foreigner targeted two Pakistani’s in the sun light, and then he was sent back to his country by special plane with consent of our government. That case was a horrific example for our law, because his widow killed herself by taking poison.  “I do not expect any justice from government,” the press quoted her as saying in a statement recorded by doctors before she died. By doing so, she tried to wake up the leaders from their ugly dreams, but they are still sleeping

We seek justice but do not know how to do justice, that is why Lord Macaulay riding on our head in place of Omer Farooq’s law. In the present, our motherland is facing many issues; it was eaten by neighbors more than the outside enemies. A poet shared it’s example in his one phrase:

“When my tent was burnt by my gardener,

The leaves covered by my pillow started blowing air”.

Where various movements of justice were restricted to singing songs only, right there our religious scholars have worn the veil of our corrupt rulers. In various moments, our doctors were involved in selling patient’s kidney to get commission, while nurses squeezing mother’s lap by kidnapping the infants for a small sum.

Our students are looking for ways to get fun rather than getting education as religious obligation, and teaching is now a profession and not a responsibility to shine the student’s future. Instead of helping someone in trouble, we try to dig more pit and the living example is my own family who visited village to attend the funeral of a relative but found the home empty when they returned back. According to the Police Investigation Team, no fingerprint or any other evidence was found from any place, thus thieves proved with a wise decision that how much our society is taking care of cleanness. And there are so many professional thieves in this society, those who are mostly working behind the scene for the law enforcement agencies.

We forget when we bounce the West trail that how much they are united, and we are in danger. Everyone here is busy in making correction of others, whereas in the west everyone is learning its own. That’s why the Prime Minister in west presents himself in front of law by resigning without pressure when he was named in the list of corrupt people. While we cannot remove our Prime Minister after many months of sit-ins, by resigning names from assembly seats and even after sacrificing many lives. But now it is the time to forget what we have done in the past and we must bring real change before the world change us.


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