The murder of SP Tahir Dawar is a sign of concern!


The story of the disappearance of DSP Tahir Dawar has taken a new turn after his death. Though, KP Government has approved the martyr’s package for his family; under which, her widow will receive 15 Million rupees while his children will also be given educational scholarships and his full salary until retirement. The SP, who was mysteriously disappeared from Islamabad when he went out of his home for a walk on Oct 26, had been killed in Afghanistan. The law enforcement officials assured his family to make all the necessary efforts for his recovery but they could not recover him safely.

SP Tahir Dawar was born in 1968 and he had completed his Master’s degree in 1997. He started his career as an ASI police and he also served the United Nation peace mission in Sudan and Morocco. In 2008, He was survived when his house had been attacked by a suicide bomber in Bannu. His wife and brother had been killed in 2017, but he had forgiven the accused. His performance and dedication to the force has made him a notable figure in the provincial police. Tahir actively participated in the operation against the terrorism during his duty in Bannu and due to his services he was also nominated for the Quaid a Azam Police Medal in 2007.

A picture has been seen on social media, in which the terrorists attached a note with his dead body stated that he was killed because he played an active role to arrest and murder of militants. The terrorists have always targeted our police force however; this is the first incident of kidnapping and killing of such a high rank police officer. The terrorism that has hurts us is near to its end now. However, we do not know how much will it harm us more? According to a report published by South Asian Terrorism Portal, we have lost over 30,000 human lives against war on terror, out of which more than 7,000 were Security personnel’s.

Since 2004, we have lost a whole generation in this war, from students to Journalists, Religious Scholars to General Citizens and even every field of life has been affected by the terrorism. In such a situation, if Pakistan still exists in the world as a strong country it’s just due to the honest and brave officers of our Police and other forces like DSP Tahir Dawar. Those who have sacrificed their lives, and saved the homeland will never be forgotten. Meanwhile, they have given a message to the enemy that we are not of those who are afraid, and we know how to protect our motherland.

However, after this incident our Law enforcement agencies and Government must have to make a unique plan to protect the higher rank security officials as they are our assets. And they should take all the necessary measures to prevent such incidents. And the supporter of terrorist groups who was involved in the kidnapping must be exposed, and there is a need to take strict action against their sources. Whatever is the story behind his disappearance and murder, but it is really a great concern on the performance of our police and intelligence agencies that one of their higher rank officers had lost his life in this way.


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