The City of knowledge Academy & Imam Ghazali Institute started global “Mini-Mosque” Campaign.

The City of knowledge Academy & Imam Ghazali Institute started global Mini-Mosque Campaign

Birmingham, U.K: The Muslim community around the world will celebrate the start of month-long fast of Ramadan facing unique circumstances in light of COVID19 and mass closure of Mosques globally. The City of knowledge Academy & Imam Ghazali Institute Birhamgham announced Mark Start of Ramadan with Global “Mini-Mosque” Campaign Followed by Thousands.

According to a press statement released by Uk based COK Academy, a campaign has been launched to address the issues Muslims may face this Ramadan after the closure of Mosques globally due to COVID19. In context of mass closure of Mosques and cancelled prayer services everywhere, the Uk based Mini-Mosque campaign seeks to encourage thousands of parents all over the world to bring joy and happiness to their children by crafting “mini” prayer spaces.

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In lieu of the Mosque being open this Ramadan due to COVID-19, the campaign encourages parents and families alike to bring creative moments and imagination to life through play, storytelling, painting, and crafting with their families. It is expected that thousands of families across the globe spanning over 15 different countries will participate.

Ramadan is about family and togetherness, and we see this  manifested year after year through community, reflection, charity, and prayer. It is customary in Ramadan that in addition to fasting, Muslims increase in their worship and devotion to God, along with a stronger desire for charitable giving, said Shaykh Mohammed Aslam, Founder of The City of Knowledge Academy.

The City of knowledge Academy & Imam Ghazali Institute are amongst the most influential and leading Islamic educational and advocacy Organization in the United Kingdom and USA. At their core, both organisations seek to enhance understanding of Islam, promote tolerance and work towards social cohesion. Its campaign has largely been appreciated by the Muslim community in Europe and America.


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