The blast killed 16 people in Quetta Mosque

The blast killed 16 people in Quetta Mosque

Quetta: Number of causalities in Quetta blast increased to 16 including a police officer while more than 40 injured. Police source

According to details, blast stuck a mosque in Ghousabad, Satellite Town Quetta yesterday killed atleast 16 while more than 40 other injured. DSP Amanullah was the one included in the martyred of blast. COAS, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Federal & Provincial Ministers condemned the incident. DG ISPR in his tweet said that Frontier Core and other Law enforcement agencies will continue its operations against those who challenge the law and we will give every needed assistance to the police force.

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Earlier in the first week of January, 4 people were killed in a blast in the same Capital city of Quetta.


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