Story of a teacher who created thousands of professionals.


Teacher is considered as the architect of a nation. From Friedrich Froebel to Maria Montessori there is a list of teachers who were honored by their societies across the Globe. Though, history has recorded few names including German educator Friedrich F. who established a kindergarten for the children’s working in the factories, Creator of modern education John Amos Comenius who discovered practical education, Savitribai Phule who was honored by the British govt. in 1852 due to her efforts for women education and she was the first female teacher in India, Maria Montessori who founded a new style school, and she was nominated for the Nobel prize for three times but many rare teachers like Professor Dr. Hafeez deserve to be written in such lists.

Teacher is a specialist who teaches a prince to become a king, and he is the only professional who has made specialists in every field. There is a list of Professors and teachers passed in our country that have earned their name in education and became permanent part of our history, but there are many precious architects that could not get their real value and one of them is Prof (Rtd) Dr M Hafeez Raja.

In fact, Prof. Hafeez is one of those Pakistan’s renowned specialist teachers who are living anonymous life. Prof (Rtd) Hafeez was born on 13 May 1930 in Pune, India. His father was a junior commissioned Officer in British army, who moved to Hyderabad soon after the birth of his son Raja. Thus, he got his early education in Hyderabad and then moved to Rawalpindi with his family in 1935. Professor passed his Intermediate from Islamia High School Rawalpindi and then Graduated from Government College Lahore in 1943.  He passed Masters in Science (Msc) in 1945 from Punjab University Lahore and an associated Doctorate degree in 1951.

In addition, Raja was not interested in politics however; he participated in our freedom movement along with his young colleagues. According to him, he had the honor to attend various conferences of the Muslim League in 1946 where he saw many great leaders of our independence movement very closely including Quaid e Azam. Professor started his career during his education as a Chemistry Lab. practitioner at Government College Lahore and later on he taught Chemistry and became an Assistant Professor.

In 1952, he was transferred to Gujrat where he performed his duties in the Government Zamindara College and taught many famous personalities including famous comic poet & writer Anwar Masood, Brigadier Rtd. Dr. Saleem a famous name in Pakistan’s medical industry, and Khawaja Moeen who was an army officer and had died in the famous plane crash in 1988 along with General Zia ul Haq.

After this, he significantly performed his duties in Government College Gujar Khan, where he taught for more than 10 years and he play vital role to create some notable personalities including Muhammad Javed Ikhlas Ex MNA & Ex Nazim Rawalpindi district, Chaudhry Muhammad Riaz Ex MNA, Raja Javaid Ashraf brother of former Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Dr. Azhar Mehmood Qureishi (Ex Medicial Superintendent PIMS hospital, Islamabad).

Moreover, he also served in Govt. College Satellite town Rawalpindi as a head of department, and many of the city’s famous doctors, professors and political figures were his students. He finally retired as a Principal from the same College in 1986. Unfortunately, we do not know the real value of a teacher thus we have imported novels like Mr. Chips to make a part of our syllabus.

He crossed 09 decades of his life but still he is better than today’s youth and engaged in social activities. He is much interested in teaching even today and if he would know that someone cannot continue education due to financial problems, he will reach at his door step to help. Perhaps, God has blessed him sound health due to the pleasure of these services. He still does not use the glasses, and always prefer to hiking instead of traveling on the car.

If he would be asked to share his experience about independence movement his eyes will start flowing tears, and these are the tears that reveal the passion of his patriotism. Allah has bestowed him with all the capabilities, and he is not a general teacher but a hidden treasure. He is the ancient secret of Indo Pak separation and there is a history behind him. He thinks the distinction of religion as the destruction of Muslims and probably, no one knows his great values including those diamonds he made as a teacher.

Hence, they have configured the leadership for our country and it is the of time to consider the importance of teachers like him and our Government must have to take steps in this regard, so that such a rare heritage can be protected. Some rare teachers are still alive and living restlessly, they must be acknowledged officially as they led many past generations and their students have represented Pakistan in every field.


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