Bewitching charm is permeating in our society because of the despondence of people from their external and internal affairs. We are becoming so short-sighted that we cannot even see the serious consequences of necromancy.

The sorcerers take advantage of the innocent and hopeless people to run their shops. Many fallacious and unacceptable events are performed by these sorcerers to increase their powers. These events also involve the sacrifice of the flesh of human beings. These conjurers recite Bible or Quran in reverse just to make Satan happy. In Pakistan, “The Prevention of Witchcraft Bill, 2017” was passed on October 3, 2017.

The main aim of this bill was to stop the practice of black art. However, this bill is still not approved by the upper house. As a result of this delay, we see many cases in which serious crimes are committed by the conjurers. A mother was found guilty of burning her two children on June 19, 2019. According to her statement, she wanted to free her children from evil spirits.

The government should take immediate steps to stop this fallacious act which has destroyed the lives of many people and is still doing so. Steps should be taken to stop the advertisement of these necromancers on print, electronic, and social media. Awareness must be given regarding the harmful effects of this black art.

Let’s stop these conjurers

Let’s stop these sorcerers

Raise voice against bewitching charm

Raise voice against black art

Those people are fake

Who claim to change your fate

They can’t take your revenge

They can only take you towards offense

Don’t trust this evil deed

Only God can give you peace

Law should be made

Necromancy should be eliminated

Areesha Khan is a young writer, student and social activist. She blogs @ Areesha Khan Blog.


  1. every year in pakistan many people died due to this nonsense. this is a very serious issue in our society. keep it up dear

  2. Appreciated💥u’ll nail it girl…..this aspect must be highlighted and special awareness is required among ppl….best of luck……bundle of wishes, duas ur way❤️


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