Pulwama attack, PSL Final & Saudi Investment!



More than, 45 Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) uniform personnel’s  were killed in an attack near Pulwama, a district in Indian Occupied Kashmir on February 14,2019. It was one of the biggest attack on Indian forces convoy since 1989, which has indicated the storm of hate against India in the heart of Kashmiris.

Undoubtedly, it was purely an attack of a Kashmiri freedom fighter however, it has broke a new fire/conspiracy on International soil which will surely affect the relations of both neighbors as well as it may led to a new useless Indian excuse of Pakistani involvement in occupied territory.

The Indian through its long arms has negatively flashed the issue on International level through Electronic, Print & Social Media while Pakistan has condemned & denied its connections behind this attack.

Here, it’s a matter of consideration that the attacks on Indian forces has increased with a huge number in the recent years while India has always blamed its neighbor & tried to connect such incidents with Pakistan to start its new operation in the valley and to start terrorist attacks & bomb blasts in our cities, towns & streets.

After the current attack in Pulwama, Indian Hindu extremists have attacked on various Muslim residencies in Jammu & Indian District of Huryana, dozens of vehicles have burned down by Hindu fanatics while many Kashmiri students have reportedly been beaten in different universities across India. It has flamed a new debate on screen and some sources including a famous “India Times” has posted a misleading statement on its website and connect this incident with Abdul Rasheed Ghazi who was killed during Lal mosque operation in Islamabad in 2007.

It is a new wave of Indian extremism which can be derived as post-attack-operation. The use of force by Indian soldiers on Kashmiris is so common and no Indian leader/ Media or any so called human right activist has raised voice against these violations however, when they get back few bodies their tears can easily be found in Neelum Jehlum.

We need to think why such incidents are happening before any economical event in Pakistan. When ICC announced world cup in Pakistan there was an attack on Srilankan cricket team due to which our grounds are still looking for cricket activities, when Pakistan started building relations with China and signed biggest MOU’s; whole Pakistan was blasted with suicide attacks, suddenly few Indian spy’s like Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav leaked the whole story which is a Global example and a witness of why these incidents are happening.

India has always played double game to show the world it’s innocencia. Before every terrorist attack in Pakistan we have founded artificial incidents like Pulwama, Rajori, Poonch, Taj Mehal attacks which were largely connected with Pakistan however, later on facts showed the other scene of movie. During last ten years Pakistan has fought a darkest and longest war against terrorism, we have paid a heavy price for our defense, we have lost more than 70,000 citizens & a large number of uniform personnel’s, we have lost our children’s in such attacks like APS Peshawar, We have lost youngsters in Universities, colleges & Seminaries and they have even attacked on our defense shadows.

Furthermore, India has used and played all the techniques against Pakistan but we never started anti-Indo-spy-war in Indian cities, since separation; they have only faced few attacks which were booked by its internal liberated organizations. From past few years Pakistan has started rising back on global economic map, foreign investors started investing in Pakistan, our friendly countries including China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey has signed MOU’s with our Government on long term & short term plans including CPEC, Energy sector, Industrialization, Mining, Transport and Sports while many including Russia, United Arab Emirates and Europeans were thinking to join this newly stabilize market, our cricket seemingly returned back in our grounds with PSL & many International teams has started sending their Security teams and we even welcome Zimbabwe & West Indies.

On the other hand, India has failed to separate Pakistan from rest of globe as PM Narinder Moodi announced at various occasions & now launched a new campaign against Pakistan. In the mean time, while we were going to warmly welcome the crown prince H.H Mohammed Bin Suleman of Saudi Arabia when we were going to enjoy PSL 4 matches & Final in Pakistan it is yet another incident in Kashmir which has turned the whole scenario and today when crown prince was signing many MOU’s at PM house in Islamabad the International Media was talking about Pulwama which has tried to benefitted Indian agenda.

The Indians, in the occupied Kashmir are failed to get what they wanted to have with force. Their pellets against the Kashmiri youngsters have showed their human rights behavior to the world, the Global institutions even United Nation have started posting statements against the human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir as it (UN) has reported in its recent detail report on Kashmir.

This all happened due to the current strong stance of Pakistan at International platforms on Kashmir, which has not only won the hearts of Kashmiris but also spotted a new pin in the Indian minds and that is the reason we are facing a new wave of blame game after Pulwama attack. Since 1989, Kashmiri’s have graved more than 100,000 bodies of all ages and they always demanded for their self determination. Now the patience of Kashmiri youth has broke out and it’s the time that India should stop violence against Kashmiris and blame game against Pakistan, otherwise; the real incidents on army convoys in the valley will begin to rise as the limit of Kashmiri youth is over now after facing a long night of oppression.

Sardar Abdul Sami is a Human rights defender, Political Analyst, writer and a Journalist. He is working with various International Organizations and spoken extensively on geopolitical issues at different platforms.


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