PTI AJK leader Raja Waqas visited PM Secretariat in Islamabad, met with Naeem ul Haq

PTI AJK leader Raja Waqas visited PM Secretariat in Islamabad, met with Naeem ul Haq

Islamabad: Leader of PTI Azad Kashmir and son of notable politician Col. Nasim Khan met with the special Assistant to Prime Minister Naeem ul Haq in Prime Minister’s Secretariat,Islamabad today.

During the meeting, the worst situation of occupied Kashmir and political situation in Azad Kashmir was deeply discussed. According to source, Naeem ul Haq has clearly mentioned that youth will be brought forward in the party and any decision will be made on the basis of merit and performance of the polling stations during the last elections.

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Raja Waqas also met with the special assistant to PM Pakistan for youth Osman Dar in his office earlier today. He congratulated him on setting a comprehensive cohesive and youth oriented theme as per Khan’s vision in a very short time.

PTI AJK leader in his message on social Media has said that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan fulfilled another promise and allocated nearly 100 billion rupees for the youth of Pakistan so that they could stand on their feet on the basis of merit through this program. He said that Imran Khan has made it clear that the money is not only for PTI but for the entire Youth of Pakistan, irrespective of any party.


  1. Kashmiris bull shit, jobless servents of Pakistan. Is it your freedom that you can not get a position without seeking help from Islamabad?

  2. PTI Kashmir m kbi jeet nai skti. Molana Imran Khan ki gandi kr k ousy yahoodiyun k pass bhaijngy. Waqas ho ya jo b ho jeet Mushtaq minhas ki he hogi. Ousny poura paisa apni awaam py lgaya ha. Waqas oar ouski chacha Col Nasim Shb ki base py votes liye ab jtny sejdy kr ln Islamabad jeet sirf shair ki hogi.


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