Peshawar police arrest brothers for beating sister with hammer, helmet


One of the two suspects hits the victim with a hammer as she lies on the floor. Photo: Twitter screengrab

PESHAWAR: Police have arrested two brothers after a video went viral in which they can be seen thrashing their sister with a hammer and a helmet. 

Geo News reported that Peshawar Police arrested the suspects, Aftab and Arshad, sons of Abdul Hannan, from Amin Colony, in the provincial capital on Saturday night. 

During the course of the interrogation, KP Police said the suspects confessed to thrashing their sister when she asked for her share of inheritance in their father’s property. 

Police said the woman had been shifted to a hospital for medical examination. After the examination, a case will be registered against the brothers at Bhana Mari Police Station, confirmed police.

Trigger warning: A violent scene is being described below

The brothers can be seen in the video clip, pushing the woman down to the floor and repeatedly hitting her with a hammer and a helmet. At one point, one of the suspects can be seen throwing the helmet at the woman as she shrieks in pain.

Another woman tries to intervene but she is grabbed by the throat and pushed to the floor violently by one of the suspects. 

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