People continue to suffer under military siege in Occupied Kashmir

People continue to suffer under military siege in Occupied Kashmir

Srinagar: The people of Kashmir Valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region continue to suffer due to strict military siege imposed by India.

Normal life remains crippled on the 76th consecutive day, today, in the Kashmir Valley and parts of Jammu due to restrictions and gag on internet and prepaid mobile services.

Despite the Indian authorities’ efforts to restore normalcy in occupied Kashmir, people continue to observe shutdown as a silent protest against India’s recent actions in the territory. Shops and business establishments remain closed most of the time except for few hours in the morning and evening while public transport is off the roads.

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The Indian authorities tried to hoodwink the world community about the prevailing situation of the territory by announcing opening of educational institutions but failed in their designs as the parents are reluctant to send their wards to schools, colleges and universities, fearing for their safety.

The authorities have also deputed magistrates in educational institutions across occupied Kashmir to monitor the activities of students.

On the other hand, the online business has come to a grinding halt owing to the ongoing internet blackout strictly enforced by the Indian government since the 5th of August. Even online companies have suffered huge losses as buyers from occupied Kashmir are unable to enter into any online transaction due to the communications blockade.


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