‘Now take one where I’m looking over there as if in thought’ President tells photographer at airport

President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi taking rest at an airport terminal

Sitting on the floor of the Lahore airport, President of Pakistan ‘Dr’ Arif Alvi told his photographer to take a picture of him as he stared of into the distance, trying to appear as if deep in thought.

“I’ll look over there, staring into the distance and concentrate really hard so it looks like I’m thinking great thoughts” he said, animatedly instructing the official presidential photographer on what angles to choose.

“I think the mood should be a little sombre. I’m thinking about troubling things of course, but I think the shot could do with some yellow hues near the edges. So that it looks like I’m radiating goodness and banishing away the darkness” he said.

“Now remember, the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I’m worried about our country’s future. But at the same time I’m a man of the people,just lounging on the floor like a commoner. Make sure you capture my humility” even as the airport was temporarily quarantined so until the President boarded his flight to Islamabad.   

“No not that side the other side. That’s my good side” he said immediately after. “What do you think, fingers on chin Iqbal style or is that too Shehbaz Sharif for Nayya Pakistan” he asked.

According to details, the President is trying to go for something different since he feels that his classic ‘standing-in-line’ and ‘sleeping-on-chairs’ poses, while good, are suffering from over-use.

“Forget it let’s just do this. I am very busy after all” he said lying through his teeth.

“Make sure it looks candid” he ended before scurrying off to pose.


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