Modi will never be successful in its plan to wipe out Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir: Altaf Bhat

Modi will never be successful in its plan to wipe out Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir: Altaf Bhat

Birmingham: An un precedent award ceremony of Daily Kashmir post was held at a local hotel in Birmingham. In which prominent journalists working internationally and projecting Kashmir cause in UK were given awards by editor in chief Altaf Ahmad Bhat and Editor Mohiudin Dar. Awards were given to Journalists in recognition of Services towards Kashmir Freedom Movement.

While addressing the gathering Senior Freedom Seeker and editor in chief Daily Kashmir Post International Altaf Ahmed Bhat thanked the journalists and briefed participants with first-hand information about Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJK).

Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that,” 90 days have passed and Indian Fascist regime is still violating Human rights, and torturing Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir with organized tactics.

Modi and its government has planned to wipe out Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir to settle Hindu population there. This is the newest form of Terrorism, that is Demographic Terrorism. Bhat while describing the financial and business loss of IOJ&K said that “Almost 1.4 billion US dollars’ loss of fruit, carpet and Boathouse Industry. The hotels are empty, and tourists cannot go there because the Indian Government turned heaven Kashmir into hell.”

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On the other hand, almost 700,000 people lost their jobs, and local businesses, Travel agencies have suffered because of the lockdown, and Indian persecutions.”

While telling about the healthcare issue faced by Kashmiri people Bhat said that,” Hospitals have no medicine, the patients in an emergency situation cannot get proper treatment on time due to lockdown and communication blockade.” Many people have died in their house just because they could not call an ambulance on time, and people have been buried in their lawns because they cannot be taken to cemeteries.”

Indian ruthless army and police are arresting people and those prisoners are given 3rd-degree torture. India is the worst example of a democratic country, the new face of Nazism, fascism and biggest Human Rights violator in the world.

Bhat said that “The besieged Kashmiri Nation are looking towards the international community and mainstream international media so that Indian state terrorism, economic terrorism, economic breakdown and mental Crake-down especially mentality of Hindutva of BJP should be exposed. And the international community must take notice of gruesome situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

At the end Altaf Ahmad Bhat along with G M Dar, Raja Fahim Kayani and Dr Saboor Javed presented awards to Local Journalists namely S M Irfan Tahir (WNTV UK ) , Rabnawaz Chughtai (A1 AJJ News) Syed Abid Kazmi (92 News & CNI News) , Asif Mahmood (Geo News TV), Sarfraz Ahmed (Banah News) , Zahid Khattak (C-44), Taimour Shahzad (Sama News), Nasir Raja (Dunya News), Mohammed Bahsarat (JK News, Cllr Ch M Yaseen, Raja Naseer Kiani, Raja Abrar Khan, Raja Abas and others.


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