Modi is massacring Kashmiris same like Indian Govt. did in November 1947: Naureen Farooq Ibrahim

Modi is massacring Kashmiris same like Indian Govt. did in November 1947. Naureen Farooq Ibrahim

Islamabad: The Member National Assembly and Parlimentry committee for Kashmir Naureen Farooq Ibrahim has said that the first week of November is a dark chapter in the freedom movement of Kashmiri Muslims.

On this day in 1947, the Dogra rulers and RSS played a bloody game with millions of innocent Muslims, and that brutality is a black spot in human history.

Even today, the hands of Indian forces are tainted with the blood of innocent Muslims, he said.

Kashmir has been turned into a prison since August. RSS and Indian forces has made the normal life difficult for Kashmiris.

Kashmiri politicines are being detained in homes and jails, Indian Army and RSS is torturing Kashmiri youths and harrasing families. Naureen said that food and medicine supply have been stopped while economy has been irreparably damaged in Occupied Kashmir.

While talking about the role of Global bodies for human rights she said the Human rights organizations are silent on Indian atrocities in Kashmir. She said that November 6 movement is an important milestone in Kashmir freedom movement. The Jammu Martyrdom Day, is actually observed to renew the commitment that muslims of Jammu will not be forgotten who sacrificed their precious lives in the first week of November 1947.

Even today, Kashmiris are sacrificing in the love of Pakistan. Indian government will never succeed in suppressing the passion of Kashmiris. She said

About Naureen Farooq Ibrahim:

Naureen is member of Pakistan’s National Assembly from ruling PTI on women reserved seats.  Her in -laws are in active politics of Kashmir before partition times. 

Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan also known as Bani-e-Kashmir (“Father of Azad KashmirAzad Kashmir”) and Ghazi-e-Millat (“Hero of the Nation”), was the founder and first President of Azad Kashmir.

In 1946, he won the Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly election as a member of the Muslim Conference party and became a member of the Praja Sabha under Maharajah Hari Singh.

He was among the leading figures in the Kashmir liberation struggle and strong dialogue of joining Pakistan. Khan was appointed the first President of Azad Kashmir in 1948. He represented Kashmir in different capacities at the United Nations from 1948 to 1971.

After his death in 2003, his son Sardar Khalid Ibrahim led Jammu Kashmir People Party (JKPP), the party late Sardar Ibrahim Khan formed in 1992 after he developed differences with former PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto.

Naureen’s husband Sardar Farooq Ibrahim has served in national airline Pakistan International Airlines.

After sudden demise of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim last year his son Hassan Khalid Ibrahim Khan, was elected MLA as JKPP candidate from his parent constituency tagged LA 19 – Poonch-3 of AJJK Legislative Assembly in December 2018.

His father, Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, was known as man principles in AJK politics had been elected from the seat record five times from this constituency.


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