Military Democracy A Visionary Slogan

Military Democracy in Pakistan

Every nation wants to make and see itself as the strongest nation to prove its superiority over the others. Every country, no matter how developing it is, knows that it will be able to outdo other countries, especially its enemies, only when it improves economically and defensively, and its internal political and social conditions will also be suitable. While South Asia has been a manifestation of the politics of global powers for the past two decades, its various countries have strengthened their economic, political and defense indicators through a concerted effort to reduce their internal superstitions.

The famous German author Otto J. Maenchen-Helfen wrote in his book “The World of the HUNS” in praise of military democracy that military along with public representatives formed the organs of military democracy. The word Military democracy is quite older for superior world but since we never adopted, it’s always new for us. Military democracy seems to us a strange word, we consider it a killer for democracy and politics that is why we are against anyone who uses it or adopts it. At the moment, Political figures in Pakistan are reluctant to use the word because of a fear that they will be called as military agents or spokesmen for dictators and of course their vote bank can also be affected due to this stance. However, a political party in Azad Kashmir, Muslim Conference, whose main slogan is “Kashmir Banyga Pakistan”, still considers that military democracy is the only way for the country to survive.

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, the leader of Muslim Conference, introduced the slogan of military democracy in the politics here, he faced severe criticism from his opponents and was declared as military’s right hand. External powers always created hurdles in the development of Pakistan and they never allowed rulers to create a soft coordination between civilian and military bureaucracy. In my opinion, the military should not be directly involved in politics but the establishment of good relations between the military and the civilian government is essential for the development of a country and the same logic was put forward by Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan.

Pakistani politicians quoted that the involvement of military bureaucrats in country was started in late 50s, there were phases when the civil military oligarchy interfered covertly and when this proved to be inadequate for their purposes, they intervened directly into the body politics. It was in 1950s when these parameters were forged and they continue to influence Pakistani politics till today; PML-N central leader Ahsan Iqbal quoted during an address to public gathering.

Military democracy is the only option for a successful pakistan

Though, it’s a reality that our military was strongly involved in the mainstream politics however, I believed that it was with a positive approach to save the country and to take it into a pathway of success as the military itself never had any benefits with such decisions. I studied more about the root cause of military’s direct involvement into politics and found that military always intervened only to clear the mess created by politicians. In fact, our political parties never tried to move together for country’s development, always played dirty politics and used public office to increase personal animosities. They always benefitted their relatives or party workers which created a brick-wall between military bureaucrats and civilian governments. The political crises of 1950s revived when political parties played politics of revenge. The anti-establishment slogans blessed success to political parties for a shorter time but whenever a civilian government established it started manipulating other parties which affected its own image as well.

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Due to their such actions, the process of formation of new political parties begun, but whenever a new political party was formed military bureaucrats were blamed. Since 80s, PML-N and PPP came into power several times but they always stabbed each other in the back and keep giving the military a chance to interfere in politics. The militaries are the main stake holders of a country and thus they have an important role for the development of countries. Our military is one the top militaries in the world by discipline, they always say ‘yes’ to the civilian governments whenever they were called for help to meet with internal or external threats and natural disasters. You will always find our forces behind the success of well-known top institutions where as our politicians are not capable to run a single public institute. All the major government organizations including PIA, Railways, Steel Mill were leading in South Asia during military’s reign however we found a huge gap in their earning during civilian rule. The reason is the corruption, our politicians have looted billions from our national wealth and still they are crying that they have invested and never received any remuneration against their services.

The situation is not suitable and it’s time to remove all the revenge and move forward with mutual understandings for the development of country. China, Russia, U.S, UK, Japan, UAE and even our worst enemy India are an example for us. They have military democracies and that is reason they enjoyed successes in the past. They are ruling because civilians always appreciated the role of military in the country’s development and never blamed each other. The past was past and our politicians have to learn the lesson from it by encouraging the role of military in the success and military must be given a space to play that role which they wanted to play within the frames of constitution.

In fact, we never heard that army is not cooperating with any government which showed their loyalty with this land and every time we have seen civilians are being charged due to different reasons, politicians always played worst role where a government faced difficulties in focusing on its actual work and defended the ideas to manipulate which always allowed third party to take charge to make the situation stable. I have grave concerns over the future of democracy in Pakistan however i am quite hopeful that politicians will remove the curtains of negativism and will work together for a better Pakistan and for a stronger military democracy.


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