Joe Biden will play a vital role to resolve Kashmir issue. President INSPAD & Chairman EU-Pak friendship Federation hoped

President INSPAD met with Chairman PAK EU friend forum

Islamabad (KNN) President Think Tank Institute for Peace and Development (INSPAD) and Chaudhry Pervez Iqbal Lohsar, Chairman EU-Pakistan Friendship Federation Europe have claimed a lasting peaceful solution to the 74-year-old Jammu and Kashmir dispute and the right to self-determination.

The two eminent organizations heads met to discuss the plight of Kashmir and other important issues. Both leaders said that Indian democratic day has been observed as black day across the world and large protests against the Indian brutality across Europe must be a sign of grave concern for Modi.

They said that, India is violating the human rights charter, all international agreements and treaties and the massacre of youth, women and children in Kashmir. The Modi government is taking steps to appease the minorities & Kashmiris and Sikh farmers and to use illegal forces in the form of army, para military forces and police there.

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President Inspad said that the Kashmir and Palestine issues are very sensitive and necessary disputes in the UN agenda. Implementation of the UN resolutions is a matter of urgency and the lifting of the ban on internet and mobile in Kashmir and the proportion of the resident population. The people who have populated the non-Kashmiris spoke of peace in the region, the judges of the world peace had to play their part in stopping harassment. It is also a fact from new US President Mr Joe Biden that he will use his influence to eradicate Indian Hindutva negative policies and protect humanity. This means that the OIC and the European Union should play a role in preventing genocide in Kashmir.

The both organizations has decided to make joint efforts, coordinate and collaborate joint activities in Belgium and Pakistan to promote peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue, protect coexistence, human rights and religious harmony.


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