Indo Pak Conflict & Aman ki Aasha (Hope of peace)


Sardar Sami Baqsouie is currently serving as Editor The Blog Times. He is a Human rights defender, Political Analyst, Writer and a Journalist. He worked for various International Organizations and spoken extensively on geopolitical issues at different platforms.

Since partition, in 1947; Pakistan and India are the biggest enemies and fighted long wars at all levels. These wars has not only damaged the relations between both neighbors but also destructed a large number of human lives. The human rights have largely been violated across the line of control on both sides since 7 decades and the majority of these violations were founded in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and on the working boundary (LOC).

United States of America the world’s superior country (a known super power) has always considered the issue on its headlines, tried to minimize the conflict and played a vital role at many occasions when the forces were face to face on borders. The dispute between both countries has been increased with a faster node in recent years; it’s the most important for the global peace and more than global warming. The thing which we must have to know is the reason behind the long series of tension and which has junked the crises into a snaky wall and that is the issue of Jammu & Kashmir (a known heaven on earth).

According to true sources more than 90,000 innocent civilians have been killed while injured in lacs during last 3 decades (between 1989 – 2019) which is showing the hardness of relations and complications between both countries. The United Nation a Global body responsible to enforce and instruct laws has sighted out and regularly issued statements following the red signals of human losses in the Jammu & Kashmir valley but it’s limited to condemnation only and UN is failed to instruct any specific direction to resolve the tension.

If we look at the map we will find Kashmir in the northern side of Pakistan and North West from Indian territory. The latest update from the region is that the forces of both nuclear states are on the borders, the artillery has already been deployed on the foremost corners with heavy weapons, the noise of fighter jets could easily be heard during the day and night while the Media and Online sources are flowing a silent hate and this all has turned the whole region into a dangerous volcano.

In 1948, United Nation Security council passed a resolution which has stated an SOP for the both newly formed states of that time (India & Pakistan) and had given a right of self determination to the people of Jammu & Kashmir but unfortunately, the resolution neither was accepted by India nor it has been given a real value by the United Nation itself. The attitude of states specifically India towards Kashmiri’s changed like a routine activity, Pakistan has tried and tried hard to stabilize the situation, to assist the innocent Kashmiris by raising and highlighting the issue at all the global platforms. This has not only damaged its relations with India but also paid a heavy cost in form of Financial, human & random losses.  An international monitory Institution for peace & development through its survey in 2017 has indicated the loss as one third of the 10 years global budget and human loss on both sides as bigger than the population of 11 Independent states.

During this crucial time Pakistani nation was bit dishearten by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) which has invited Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Sovraj as Chief guest in OIC conference

In fact, the minutes of UN Security Council’s special meeting on Kashmir is a proof of UN’s weak hand on Indian nick as India has boycotted the assembly thrice since the issue begun in 1947. Similarly, United States the winner of World War-II is fail to resolve the issue as it has always turned the nick towards India due to their large hand and arms. The world has witnessed the conflict which at many occasions turned into a growing flames on both sides in form of wars (in 1948, 1965, 1971 & war of Kargil in 1998-99), in form of terrorism in Pakistan which was largely supported by India due to which Pakistan has paid a heavy price in all forms.

Currently, after the Pulwama attack in IOK, India littered a new wave of tension which was initially limited to the borders of both countries but suddenly due to Indian nervousness it was turned into a shady war. However, due to quick response from Pakistan in its defense and due to its message of peace and strong foreign relations its slightly turned back within a day or two. India, due to its pride on expensive weapons cleverly crossed Pakistani space during night and lost 02 fighter jets and 03 pilots in response. Pakistani pilot Squadron leader Hassan Siddique revised the memories of M.M Alam’s record inning during which he shoted down 05 Indian jets in few minutes during Indo Pak war in 1965.

Young Hassan, due to his brave inning must be rewarded with “Best defender award” and other notable national medals. He proved that how hard it is to shout at Pakistan and how tough it is to cross the air space. After the incident an Indian pilot Wg Cdr Abhi Nandan was survived and was captured by Pakistan army, once again the response from Pakistani side was highly appreciated by the globe. Even though, he was an enemy and crossed the space with negative plan however, he has been given all the facilities/ human rights and shortly Prime Minister of Pakistan announced to send him back for a proof of sympathy and to obey Geneva Convention.

On Friday, when he was handed over to Indian officials at Wahgah border the International Media was singing the songs of Pakistan’s moral attitude. Our friendly countries appreciated the message of peace we have given by releasing Abhi Nandan. During this crucial time Pakistani nation was bit dishearten by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) which has invited Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Sovraj as Chief guest in OIC conference. Pakistan condemned the decision of inviting Sushma and boycotted the current meeting but its lower level officials were present.

Eventhough, Pakistani higher officials were not present in the conference but Pakistan successfully defended its resolution on Kashmir and OIC condemned Indian atrocities over innocent Kashmiris. The world including the top nuclear states U.S, U.K, Russia, France and China has appreciated Pakistan over his responsible approach towards peace. It is very clear in front of the world that who is the reactor and this all happened due to a well experienced and responsive Minister sitting at our Foreign office. He was in touch with all the global political leaders due to which they have responded at the same time. Perhaps, Pakistan had a strong foreign office in 1960’s and during Z.A Bhutto’s reign however, we were unlucky to have it after that but since, the PTI government came into power Shah Mehmood Qureishi with his utmost dedication, experience and skills has revised the history of 1960’s foreign office.

Finally, the Indian high commissioner in Russia has pledged in his statement witnessing the signs of a new junction in Pak India relations. Hence, we can guess that the current fire on the Line of Control, working boundary, in the media talks and in the official statements will be over soon but a question is still unanswerable whether the dialogue between both neighbors can start before the upcoming Indian elections or not?


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