If Chairman Kashmir Council will not take notice, the next step will be announced to get justice. Sardar Hassan Ibrahim


ISLAMABAD: The Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Party’s parliamentary leader and member legislative assembly Sardar Hassan Ibrahim, while talking to Media during a press conference at National Press Club Islamabad, said that the Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party has filed a reference against the Chief Justice of the Azad Kashmir Supreme Court. We demand from Chairman Kashmir Council and the Prime Minister of Pakistan to send the reference to the Supreme Judicial Council and fulfill its constitutional obligations.

He alleged that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of AJ&K has violating the Azad Kashmir Constitution, he created a self made Supreme Judicial Council in the past and interfered in the work of subordinate courts. Keeping the merit on side, recruitment’s were made by the Supreme Court without any process. This is purely a matter of merit and justice.

Furthermore, he said we have adopted the constitutional way in accordance with the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Constitution, and filed a reference to the the Chairman of the Kashmir council and the Prime Minister of Pakistan and submitted reference to the Minister of Kashmir affairs.

In response to a question, Sardar Hasan Ibrahim said that he and his party does not expect justice from President Ajk nor we recognize him as president of Azad Kashmir therefore the reference against the Chief Justice of Azad Kashmir was filed through Chairman Kashmir Council. Chief Justice Azad Kashmir has violated the Section 34 of the Constitution and issued the non-constitutional notices to Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan (Late) and it is also a matter of importance that the honor of Parliament was bumped-off and the Chief Justice

Sardar Hassan Ibrahim said that the move of Chief Justice is a violation of law and he tried to disable the autonomy of Legislative Assembly the Supreme Court of Kashmir is only an Appellant Court, and this is not their constitutional authority.

He further clarified that if the Supreme Court will issue any notice on filing this reference he will not present in the court at any cost. Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party is struggling for the determination of the constitution, the rule of merit and for the respect of judiciary. Addressing the press conference, the member legislative assembly Hassan Ibrahim further said that the founder of Azad Kashmir Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan played a distinct role in making and running state institutions in Azad Kashmir.

Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan protested for the stability of the institutions, the constitution, and the rule of merit during his forty years of political career, and resigned twice from the assembly seat. He concluded with sentence that we will not withdraw from this struggle anyway, according to the vision of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan, and will continue the struggle for justice, merit and for the freedom of Institutions. If Chairman Kashmir Council will not take notice of our reference, the next step will be announced to get justice.



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