I still defend my statements about Rana Sanaullah. Shehryar Afridi

I still defend my statements about Rana Sanaullah. Shehyar Afridi

Islamabad: Shehryar Afridi State Minister for Narcotics has earlier made a statement about Rana Sanaullah that he is a drug dealer and now he defends its statements. He alleged that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is playing with a proper plan in this case.

While addressing a Media conference Afridi said that Media is trying to show to innocent face of Rana Sana but it is proved in the court that he was involved in drug dealing. He said that due to his busy schedule in foreign tour he could not briefed the Media about the case.

Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) is a professional institution but unfortunately this is the season of bails and we accept every decision made by court.

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When the Media reporters asked him about his views he stated earlier in many statements about video evidences he clearly denied that he talked about it and said that he repeatedly use the word footage not videos.

He said that our legal team is making strategy about the case and court has not issued any order.


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