How might we turn into an effective human ?


Every word in the globe has a significant logic, value and purpose. Though, research is a valuable word for a blogger, earning money is the main purpose of a businessman & defense is the main logic behind a force but “Success” is the most valuable, logical & purposeful word for every human. It has a prominent value that not everyone can be successful; it has a true logic that everyone can’t be successful every time & it has a purpose that if someone will achieve success he will be the luckiest human.

What is success?

Though, Success is the accomplishment of an aim, achievement of a target or filling desires. The aim of a magician is to show the scene away from reality, the target of a warrior is to win the battle but the desire of a human must be to keep his creator happy and this is the reality and truth behind our creation.

We can be successful in exam by cheating but it will be temporary. We can be successful in business by using forbidden ways, black source for a short time but not forever. We can call ourselves superpower by disrupting global peace, by handling others natural resources but there is someone who can control our powers. He is the examiner, he is the creator and he is the one giving us every temporary success but we never try to make him happy because we don’t know what the real success is.

How can we achieve that? 

We can only get real success by following the ways stated by our creator. We will be successful when we will cross the bridge of judgment (Pull e Sirat) and we can be able to cross that bridge if our morals will be high, if we would like peace, share grief and if we would tell the globe about the truth that, the real success is to succeed on the Day of Judgment.


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