It is a bitter fact that the government has failed badly in making New Pakistan. All the hopes of the public are dying day by day. The promise of giving 10 million jobs has been fulfilled by taking the employment of thousands of people. The promise of decreasing the rate of corruption has been fulfilled by increasing the rate of inflation.

On the other hand, the opposition has also failed in pressurizing the government to solve the problems of the civilians. The purpose of PDM is not to provide justice to the public. The only aim of PDM is to throw the government out and set its own rule in the country. Recently, in Radio Pakistan, 749 workers are terminated. 41 employees of the web desk, 177employees of the news section, and 531 employees of the programming section were unemployed. Dozens of families will suffer the consequences of this large-scale termination.

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The most distressing part is that these employees were working for almost 10 to 20 years. And as a result of this unemployment, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation would only save Rs.15 million per year. The height of inhumanity is that when these employees went on strike, the police arrested them. The public is not even allowed to raise the voice against cruelty and injustice done to them. It is the peak time to start speaking to get our human rights. If we would not raise voice today, we will become dumb forever.

Indigent persons are neither interested in

democracy nor in dictatorship…

Starving people are neither concerned with

PML-N nor with PTI…

Pinched individuals are neither enthralled with

PPP nor with JUI…

Impoverished population is neither captivated by

bills nor by taxes…

Distressed country is neither fascinated by

debts nor by loans…

Impecunious nation is neither intended in

government nor in opposition…

Necessitous mankind is neither excited about

processions nor about strikes…

Deprived, penurious, and penniless humanity is only curious and intrigued

about their basic needs and necessities…

Areesha Khan is a young writer, student and social activist. She blogs @ Areesha Khan Blog.



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