Google to introduce label for slow websites on Chrome Browser

Google to introduce label for slow websites on Chrome

Websites that are too slow or taking time to load because of poor coding will be flagged by Google chrome browser. Google didn’t mentioned any date when the changes be introduced or will available on chrome but it has clearly said that the project has been started to help customers finding which website is working slow or have issues while loading.

Reaction on Social Media:

After announcing these changes by Google, people started criticizing and few called it a “badge of shame” for the website runner/owner which might be slow due to different reasons. Few said it’s not a good step by such a large and famous brand which is a platform of more than 60% of the Internet browsing customers from all over the world.

Why a website might be slow?

There are many reasons that may force a website to load slow including large size images, Java script issues, too many http requests, Cache, un-proper or not using gZip compression, too much advertisement, Bad hosting and CDN issues. All these issues can be resolved easily or with little effort with advance premium plugins.


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