Golden eggs for gold class, broken for poor!!


Since the beginning, Pakistan has faced many problems. These difficulties were in different forms, such as financial problems, unemployment, wars on terror, internal and external threats, sectarian issues and political crises. But the biggest issue we are facing since beginning is our “dual class system”. A system which has always benefited rich, and rubbed the poor, a system which has defined that rich and poor are different creatures “upper class and lower class” and that is the reason, landlords and rich families have always supported this system.

As they know, this is the only way to grab the poor and lower class. But the question is; how we can afford to continue with a system in which more than 60 Million people are living below the poverty line? As per the statistics published by Asian development bank our 29.5% of the total population lives below the national poverty line while our billionaires who are ruling us are not more than 2% of the total population. This dual standard system has set different rules for the poor, while landlords and rich class is out of the legal circle.

The classic example of our dual standard system is Shahrukh Jatoi, whose friend’s servant teased the DSP Aurangzeb’s daughter, and Shahrukh Jatoi along with his friends killed victim’s brother “Shahzaib khan” who raised his voice on his sister’s harassment. After this murder, he conveniently escaped to Dubai but he was arrested and brought back. The case took many turns; initially he was convicted with death penalty, later he released on bail when victim’s own family seemingly reached some sort of agreement with Jatoi family. Supreme Court rejected his bail and ordered to arrest him and put him in ECL. We were quite hopeful that he will be punished now, but it does not happen.

Last month, when current Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar visited Shahrukh’s prison cell in Karachi, he found him enjoying C class prison facilities. He raised question and showed anger at the facilities being provided to him, and ordered to transfer Shahrukh to death cell. This case is just one example of our dual system which has restricted the poor until their walls.We will not be able to compete the West with a system in which two brothers were declared innocent after their executions, while despite being convicted of killings, many landlords are enjoying “C” class facilities in prison. Our more than 50% population does not get basic facilities; a large number of university degree holders are jobless while our rich class is enjoying golden life in expensive hotels and villas across the Globe.

In fact, the recent Islamabad incident has blessed a new life to anti dual system slogan “law is equal for everyone”. In this incident, Islamabad police filed an FIR against a poor family for letting their cattle into the farm of Federal Minister Azam Sawati, arguing with his servants and holding them in their hostage. The police used delay tactics, which forced Federal Minister to show his power. Apparently, the IG Police did not respond to his direct orders due to which he directly call to the Primer of our country who issued orders to transfer Inspector General Islamabad. Due to this power show, everyone including a child of this poor family was imprisoned. The Chief Justice took a strong action, and demanded for an enquiry. The Government once again thought of depriving the poor from justice, by misleading the law with their statements to save a landlord.

The question is; am i allowed to directly contact Prime Minister even on a serious issue? The answer will always be in No, but a person who chaired a Minister position due to my vote can enjoy such facilities while he has restricted me to use the same. We are facing difficulties from this system at every turn of life.The discrimination caused by our dual system has pushed the poor back from all side, a poor cannot be a part of our legislative assembly, he cannot raise his voice even despite having on right position. Our landlords are the owner of their villagers, they can do what they want and even these landlords are the one making decisions of their villagers life and death, engagements of their daughters, they are not allowing poor villager to get education as they know their education will bring the change thus they used to keep them busy from their teen age or even from childhood in the tile factories and in their fields.

In developed countries like United Kingdom, it is not allowed for a person to apply for the job before crossing his twentieth birthday but we can easily find our 5, 6 year old child working on street carts, helping their parents in the service homes, showing their best customer service as a Suzuki conductor at Raja Bazaar, providing car wash service in the PC roundabout and even begging in the A class areas of our capital city Islamabad. Hence, they have been facing many issues like physical harassment during work while at same age these landlords are sending their children to Beacon house and other standard Montessori’s to start their educational career. According to a current survey, Pakistan is listed in top 20 failed states out of 178 countries, and we can never be out from these lists until we change this dual standard system in which a rich is the ruler and poor is his helper, rich is sleeping on Golden beds while poor on roads, and it should be the priority of Imran Khan to change this system as he dreamed about a new Pakistan.


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