Saeed Niazi The Kashmir dispute has once again been brought into the global consciousness. Earlier this month, a plane flew over Headingley Stadium in Leeds during the Cricket World Cup, with a banner urging India to “Free Kashmir”. Then Donald Trump made his unexpected offer this week to “mediate or […]

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Pakistan is blessed with full of nature wonders. In one country it has much more natural resources than any other country of this region. On Arabian sea 1,046-kilometres sea-shore, four seasons in a year, two largest gold deposit mines in Balochistan province Reko Diq and Seyahein-Diq(Saindik), sixteenth largest coal reserves […]

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There is no greater farce in our political landscape than the notion that we are a democracy in Pakistan. Not only do we fail miserably to ensure its basic requirements of such a dispensation are met—such as an informed electorate, free media or fair elections—but the very political parties formed […]

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Is equality really possible if women keep seeking female-only spaces, or are such spaces a necessary component of social progress? Ideally, we’re all part of the human race. We all have equal possibilities in the world based on our abilities and desire. We all have an equal playing field. But […]

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Abdul Rasool Syed It is literally quite painful to witness our Muslim brothers bathing in blood within and without the Muslim world. It reflects that the blood of the Muslims has gotten cheap that it is being spilled all around the globe with impunity and without any remorse. On one […]

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