ISLAMABAD: The popularity of sheesha has increased the researchers has said that it is more dangerous than other forms of smoking tobacco. Using a custom-built testing device, the researchers analysed emissions during a typical sheesha session and found that one draw from a pipe contained as many noxious substances as […]

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At the peak of summer, being in an air-conditioned room is all people want. It is one of the few staples of modernity without severe and readily apparent downsides: all it does is make things cooler, while generating a soft and lulling noise. However, some people call the feeling they […]

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PARIS: A lot of people say they cannot live without coffee, but for one 11-year-old boy living in France, that may be literally true. When his parents accidentally bought decaffeinated capsules recently, a rare genetic muscular disorder – which they knew could be held in check by two shots of espresso […]

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People who track their daily steps may not only be more active, they may also be less likely to develop health problems that lead to events like heart attacks or broken bones, a new study suggests. Researchers examined data on 1,297 participants from clinical trials that randomly assigned half of […]

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Adults with clogged arteries carrying blood to the heart may be more prone to cognitive decline than their counterparts without such cardiac problems, a study suggests. This was true whether patients had suffered a heart attack or they had angina, which is the term for chest pains caused by reduced […]

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UAE Vaccination Campaign against polio successfully completed giving 407 million doses of polio vaccine to more than 71 million Pakistani children during the period of 2014 to  April 2019.  The anti-polio drive was part of UAE leadership’s  efforts  against the crippling disease. According to latest reports, polio is endemic in […]

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