Sardar Sami Baqsouie is a Human rights defender, writer and a Journalist. He worked for various International Organizations and spoken extensively on geopolitical issues at different platforms. Women are an important pillar for the development of a country. There is a long history of women’s struggle in every path of […]

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Sardar Sami Baqsouie is currently serving as Editor The Blog Times. He is a Human rights defender, Political Analyst, Writer and a Journalist. He worked for various International Organizations and spoken extensively on geopolitical issues at different platforms. Since partition, in 1947; Pakistan and India are the biggest enemies and […]

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  More than, 45 Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) uniform personnel’s  were killed in an attack near Pulwama, a district in Indian Occupied Kashmir on February 14,2019. It was one of the biggest attack on Indian forces convoy since 1989, which has indicated the storm of hate against India […]

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Sehrish Sultan who got distinction in National Testing Service exams was arrested along with her uncle for lodging protest against nepotism near PM Secretariat in the capital city of Azad Kashmir. She topped in NTS exams for the position of a teacher but they selected a candidate who was on […]

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Teacher is considered as the architect of a nation. From Friedrich Froebel to Maria Montessori there is a list of teachers who were honored by their societies across the Globe. Though, history has recorded few names including German educator Friedrich F. who established a kindergarten for the children’s working in […]

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Every word in the globe has a significant logic, value and purpose. Though, research is a valuable word for a blogger, earning money is the main purpose of a businessman & defense is the main logic behind a force but “Success” is the most valuable, logical & purposeful word for […]

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Since the beginning, Pakistan has faced many problems. These difficulties were in different forms, such as financial problems, unemployment, wars on terror, internal and external threats, sectarian issues and political crises. But the biggest issue we are facing since beginning is our “dual class system”. A system which has always […]

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Sardar Abdul Sami  The term is basically specified from Arabic term Madrasa, which means a place to learn or any educational Institute. However, in the Western countries and Pakistan it refers to a religious school specific for Islamic discipline or Madaris e deeniya. It generally offers religious course based on […]

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In history only two types of ruler are lesson.  One who demonstrated power and badly lost, while others were those rulers who brightened the future of their nations by their legendary ideas, decision making skills and by their research. If we look at the history of our Muslim rulers, we […]

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The story of the disappearance of DSP Tahir Dawar has taken a new turn after his death. Though, KP Government has approved the martyr’s package for his family; under which, her widow will receive 15 Million rupees while his children will also be given educational scholarships and his full salary […]

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“Nation are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians” these are the words that reflect Iqbal’s ideology. Sir Muhammad Iqbal a great poet, philosopher, politician and an academic barrister was born on 9 November 1877 in Sialkot. His magnificent philosophy “Khudi” created […]

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