A thought of every Kashmiri: how long will it take to settle Kashmir conflict?

LAL CHOWK, SRINAGAR, JAMMU & KASHMIR, INDIA - 2018/09/19: Policemen seen using long sticks to beat kashmiri Shiite girls so as to stop the peaceful procession. Police in Indian administered Kashmir imposed a curfew and other restrictions in Srinagar to prevent Shiite Muslims from taking part in Muharram procession. Muharram is a month of mourning in remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammed. (Photo by Idrees Abbas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


Indian forces have killed 5 Kashmiris including a key Hurriyat leader Mir Hafeez Ullah in Anantnag during last 24 hours. The new wave of conflict has created a new tension on both sides of LOC and its impact can be seen in the foreign offices of both nuclear states India & Pakistan. When the new Government was formed after elections in Pakistan, the Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote a letter to the Indian PM Narendra Modi and proposed to resume the bilateral talks to improve relations between both countries. Based on the ongoing protest in occupied Kashmir, India refused to start negotiations and since then, blood strokes are being played in Kashmir.

The killings have started a progression of unconstrained protests and dissents in the valley, which, in only days, transformed into a revived well known rebel against India’s supremacy over this questioned state. The fact is that this movement had started a new phase after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani. Burhan who was killed by Indian forces in 2016 was an 18 years old Kashmiri militant’s insurgent leader. He was a real challenge for Indian troops even at this young age, which made him a popular freedom fighter on social media across the Kashmir valley. His funeral of thousands of people was an evidence of their hatred against Indian forcedly occupation. Then the Indian army started using pellet guns against protesters across Kashmir valley, due to which thousands of Kashmiris have lost their visual ability until today. Youngsters and children even as young as five currently have numerous pellets in their retinas, blinding them partially or completely for life.

Before this, Pakistan had invited India to negotiate even in 2016. In mid September 2016, a group of freedom fighters killed almost 20 Indian soldiers and injured 19 near “Uri” a town in occupied Kashmir. Shortly after this incident, the Indian politicians started connecting this attack to Pakistan while our leaders claimed that this attack was staged by India itself to spin the Global eyes from Kashmir issue. India has always tried to pressure Pakistan over such talks on international forums with same excuses. During the last 11 months, Indian forces have brutally killed 298 Kashmiris including 6 Women and 27 children’s while, 3,017 people have been injured, 2025 innocent Kashmiris have been arrested, 71 cases of sexual harassment have been reported, some 561 homes and shops destroyed by Indian violence, fake FIR’s have been registered against 1,900 children’s and this current state violence have made 64 children orphaned and 28 women lost their husbands under long curfew in occupied valley.

This was a phenomenal articulation of state savagery. There is no other recorded occasion of an advance democracy deliberately shooting at individuals to make them sightless. Toward the finish of October, as indicated by one of the local news agency, almost 5,000 people had been seriously injured, and no less than 1,000 of them had endured wounds to their retina’s. One of the Kashmiri poet has emerged the real situation of Kashmir in his poetry by saying “Kashmir is a planet from where no information can come | is currently so distinct in its blank night | In fact that is the worst and terrible”. India’s aggression against Kashmiri’s is neither new nor it’s surprising as Kashmiri’s have been facing such brutality since 1947. An estimated 800,000 soldiers and police officers are currently stationed in Indian occupied Kashmir. According to independent reports, more than 95,000 Kashmiri’s have been killed in the past three decades. While, Indian officials have denied this figure and official report published in an Indian news paper “Times of India” has reported the statistic as 47,000 by the end of Sep, 2018.

Although, there is no fact behind these official reports. However, if it is assumed that the figure is somehow accurate, still, India will have to answer many questions of the world. How the killing of 50,000 people is justified? How the use of pellet guns valid for the people seeking their freedom? Why the foreign media and UN agencies are not allowed to work independently in Kashmir? But they do not have any answer to such questions. India, who believes itself as the world’s largest democracy, has failed to give Kashmiris their democratic right. The right that Kashmiris had given by the UN resolution, was an option that Kashmiri’s must be given autonomy to choose whether they want to be with India or with Pakistan? But despite being promise, India refused to give this right to Kashmiris and his troops are slaughtering the humanity in Kashmir like a hunting season.

Thus Kashmiri still wish to know that; when will these false encounters, unknown mass graves and chain of sudden disappearances end? And how long will we be sleep in this mill of slavery? Finally, it is the time for India to understand the fact that freedom movements can never be stop by force. For this, India, Pakistan and Kashmiris will have to resume the meaningful talks. Because it is a question for the life of more than 1.5 billion humans living between these two nuclear states. And budget which both countries are spending on their self defense can change the life of more than 50 percent of the population living below the poverty line. If India does not end this outburst and if right to self-determination will not be given to Kashmiris, the horrible clouds of a nuclear war in South Asia will never end and neither the arms race between the two countries will ever end.



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