Since the independence of the subcontinent, the main dispute between the two nuclear-powered countries is Kashmir. The issue of Kashmir has not solved even after 73 years. The situation in Kashmir is becoming worse day by day. Last year, on August 5, 2019, article 370 was revoked by the Indian Prime Minister.

This article was very important for the people of Kashmir as it had given a status of autonomy to their state. Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act was also introduced by the Indian government in 2019. According to this bill, the region of Jammu and Kashmir should be under the direct control of the Indian government. After the revocation of Article 370, a strict lockdown was started in the region.

Even foreign journalists are not allowed to report in the region since then. Pakistan took this issue into the United Nations Security Council. The issue of Kashmir was last discussed before 50 years in UNSC. The devastating condition of Kashmir was discussed in this meeting. However, this achievement is not enough for Pakistan. This issue must be recognized by every platform and every organization.

The only permanent solution for this issue is in the discussion. War can only lead to more destruction as both of the countries are nuclear-powered. The government should take this issue to every possible platform which can provide justice. The cruelty of the Indian government should be highlighted by foreign journalists. Many Muslims lost their lives while protesting against the Indian Government.

At the individual level, we cannot curse the government rather we should participate in this struggle. We should raise the voice for our Muslim brothers. Even if we cannot do this we should pray for them. Every Muslim present in any part of the world should play his part in rescuing the Kashmiris from the cruel Indian Government.

Revoking an article can’t

Rescind the freedom

Shedding the blood can’t

Squelch the spirits

Imprisoning the bodies can’t

Immure the souls

Catastrophic conditions can’t

Curtail the power

Concealing the stories can’t

Crush the voice

Blinding the eyes can’t

Break the dreams

Dreams and power

Souls and spirits

Will make Kashmir an Islamic state

Will make Kashmir an independent state

Will make Kashmir a peaceful territory

Will make Kashmir a free polity

Will make Kashmir Pakistan

Will make Kashmir Pakistan

Areesha Khan is a young writer, student, and social activist. She blogs @ Areesha Khan Blog.



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